Sunday, December 8

Style Inspiration

I am always searching for style inspiration and I wanted to share with you those who inspire me.

Emma Watson

Her look is always flawless, but I prefer her day-to-day look, normally wearing flats, jackets and scarves, it's an easy go-to look, perfect for going to school or running errands.

Miranda Kerr

Classy and chic is what defines Miranda Kerr, her style is minimalistic and is perfect for when you want to dress up a little bit. She wears neutral colors which she pairs with shorts, jeans or skirts.

Blair Waldorf

Being the queen of the Upper East Side, Blair Waldorf is the best example of a girly style, never wearing jeans, she pulls out dresses and skirts, and pairs them with bare legs or tights, always adds pop of color for her outfits and her style is perfect for going out on a date or on an important event.

Let me know in the comments who is your style inspiration?


Saturday, December 7

November Favorites

A little bit late but I decided to do my November favorites, I hope you enjoy and you try out these products.


Nail Polish

My favorite nail polish this month was "Cocoa" by the brand BissĂș. It's this burgundy-purplish color that is amazing for this season. The picture is not doing it justice, it kind of looks brown, but in real life it looks more amazing.


Recently, I stole this lipstick from my mom, she got it from Mary Kay, I have never been a fan of that brand but this lipstick impressed me, it's called "Chile Pepper Piment Rouge" and you can build it up to rock the dark lips trend or you can put on one coat and wear it for an everyday look.


I got the MAC blush in "Fard a Joues" which is a peachy color, perfect to warm up your cheeks a little bit in this cold weather, it stays on for long periods of time and I believe it looks amazing on every skin tone. 

MAC paint pot

I have never tried any MAC paint pot, but I decided to invest in a product I would get a lot of use so I got it in the color "Groundwork" and I am happy to say that I am pleasantly surprised, I use this product as an eyeshadow base or even on its own with some mascara. I totally recommend them to you, they are amazing and worth the price. 


Chunky sweaters

One of the best things that ever happened to winter, I'm just in love with them, I wear them all the time, they keep me warm and look amazing!


Wanna rock those dresses you own without dying trying? Yes man, tights, tights, tights! In all colors an patterns, they will make any outfit winter appropriate and help you be warm. I normally go for either black or white/cream color but you can change any outfit just by putting them on.


Music: Christmas album of who other than Michael Bublé. There's just something about his voice

TV show: How I met your mother?, I'm sorry I'm a huge fan of the show, I know it went downhill but I still love it and watch every single episode as soon as it's available.

Movie: Frozen... no need to add anything else. 

Beverage: Hot chocolate... I just... I love it. 

So that would be it for this monthly favorites. I hope you enjoyed the long post, please leave me a comment below with new products you think I should try and they might be in my next post. 


Date Winter Outfits

In the past few weeks, I've been having a hard time getting dressed for my dates because of the cold weather, so I made a huge search for the best outfits on Pinterest and I got one for a casual date (like getting coffee or going to the movies), a more dressy outfit but with a casual sense to it and a going out date.


A simple V-neck tee, with black pants, booties and a leather jacket make a great outfit for a casual date, you will be warm with the pants and the jacket and still looking edgy. You can even add a burgundy leather jacket and it looks amazing. 


If you want to look girly but still feel warm you can wear a dress with a leather jacket on top of it. I would wear some black tights or even white tights if you feel more daring and a knee-high black boots.



We all have those days when it's very cold outside and we have an event we must dress up, so I believe this is a great idea. Tights, black heels and a black dress, adding a navy blue coat and some leather gloves, make the outfit dressy but still warm. Maybe I wouldn't wear my hair in a bun because sometimes the weather is so cold we need to cover our ears and hair may come handy on the job.

My outfits

With those ideas I made some outfits for myself.
1. Shorts plus tights: I went to have breakfast with my girlfriends and I decided to wear shorts with tights and boots and a bright cardigan to give color to the outfit
2. Navy coat: I wore this when I was on vacation with my family, we were walking and knowing the town so I wore jeans, with my favorite black boots and my blue coat
3. All black: Black is one of my favorite colors when it comes to clothes, I went on a dinner date and decided to go with a long sleeve black shirt with black jeans and black booties (I will try to get a full body picture next time) and added a pop of color with my red rose on the hair.

I hope you enjoy this post and can use some of my ideas. Let me know in the comments down below which one is your favorite!


Friday, December 6

Hotel Cocoa

So finally my winter break is here and I can enjoy life a little bit more. The weather has been cold (I know in some places this weather could be like the summer, but here this is crazy cold) and I have been able to wear my winter wardrobe, there's just something about boots and sweaters that make me happy.

As my boyfriend and I like to try new places and new food, we thought that with this weather it could be nice to try this place that is called "Hotel Cocoa", I found it on Facebook so we decided to give it a try and it did not disappoint us. You can get hot beverages, cold beverages, desserts, waffles and some other stuff.

I got a regular Cappuccino because I am as exciting as that, but he got the Peanut Butter-Almond Cocoa and it was delicious, it was sweet and perfect for this days.

As for food we went for the "Kisses Pizza" and it was literally a pizza with chocolate chips on top. It didn't have any cheese because we exchanged for white chocolate but I believe it was better. If you have some place like this on your town you should give it a try because it will not disappoint you.